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120 Plaza Lane
Wellsboro, PA 16901
Now accepting new tenants

Wellsboro Plaza: Medical & Retail Outlets

Welcome to Wellsboro Plaza, located in Wellsboro PA. With an on-site management team, the plaza is committed to customer and tenant satisfaction.

  • Area Agency on Aging

     Area Agency on Aging (AAA) works with the elderly in many areas of clients needs, including Meals On Wheels, Doctor Appointments, Nursing Home placements and family services. 

    ​Area Agency on Aging has been a Wellsboro Tenant since 1997 !

  • Northern Tier Regional Planning (Careerlink)

    Tioga County Careerlink Offices (NTRP) Agency main objective is to help individuals obtain employment in Tioga County.  They offer several classes in computer training, resume writing, GED obtaining clients High School education, and classes on interviewing for employment. 

    Careerlink Offices has been a Wellsboro Tenant since 1991 ! 

  • Concern Professional Services

    Concern Professional Services for Children, Youth and Families Provides family counseling and mental health services for at-risk adolescents.

    Concern has been a Wellsboro Plaza tenant since 2006 !

  • Community Resources for Independence

    Community Resources for Independence (CRI)  This Agency work with the elderly to help ​Clients to maintain independent living within their own homes. CRI provides their clients with nursing, as well as employ people to clean, shop, and normal day to day living for the client.

    CRI has been a Tenant of Wellsboro Plaza since 2006 !


  • CPO2 Medical Supplies

    Health care supplies and services.

    CPO 2 (Rotech) a retail medical supply facility with outside deliveries to patients' residences as as supplying oxygen to serveral counties.

    Cpo2 has been a Wellsboro Plaza Tenant since 2002 !

  • Experience Works

    Experience Works Agency works with people 55 years old & older to obtain employment for those that need to subsidize their income as well as being trained into another field of employment.

    Experience Works has been a Wellsboro Plaza tenant since 2010 !

  • Long Consulting Group

    Long Consulting Group

  • Guthrie Medical Supply Depot

    24 Plaza Lane

    Guthrie Med Depot is largely in home customer services providing delivered oxygen, as well as distributor of medical supplies including wheelchairs, auto lift chairs, braces, many types health care supplies and services.

    In Wellsboro call 570-723-8720

    1-888-448-8474 Website

  • Guthrie Medical Health Care Clinic

    110 Plaza Lane

    Guthrie is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to work with the communities we serve to help each person attain optimal, lifelong health and well-being. We will do so by providing integrated, clinically-advanced services that prevent, diagnose and treat disease, within an environment of compassion, learning and discovery.

    1-888-448-8474  Website


  • Magic Wok

    28 Plaza Lane

    Chinese Restaurant with Fresh Specialties you can order to Eat in or Take Outs.

    A Tenant of Wellsboro Plaza since 1999 !

    (570) 724-1533  Website

  • Miracle Ear

    ​Specializing in several type& models of State of the Art Hearing Aids, Digital programmable Hearing Aids of the Future.

    Miracle Ear has been at Wellsboro Plaza since 2013 ! 

    • Monday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
    • Tuesday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
    • Wednesday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
    • Thursday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
    • Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
    • Saturday & Sunday By Appointment
  • OneMain Financial

    Personal Loans

  • Drivers License Center

    Pennsylvania Photo ID Center (DMV) Photo Id is a Pa Drivers Licensing Center, where clients come to be tested for their drivers license and renewals.

    Photo ID hours for Testing only is every Wedensday 9-5pm

    Open Friday & Saturday 9-5 for Photo taking only.

    Pa Photo ID has been a Wellsboro Plaza  tenant since 1989 !

  • Smokin' Joes Tobacco Shop

    32 Plaza Lane

    Tobacco products retail store & Lottery Ticket Vendor Business.

    A Tenant of the Wellsboro Plaza since 1996


    (570) 724-5060

  • USDA Dept of Agriculture
  • US Renal Care Wellsboro Dialysis

    US Renal Dialysis Medical Facility Dialysis Center is a new Facility for patients needing Dialysis Treatments.

    US Renal Dialysis has been Wellsboro Plaza tenant since 2013 ! 

  • Hotties Off The Grill
  • PA Department of Health

    PA Department of Health.

  • Trehab



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Vacancy Listings

Owned and managed by Northeast Keystone Properties, Wellsboro Plaza has an on-site mangement team led by Linda West.

Located on historic US Route 6, the plaza boasts a high visibilty rate with a vechicle count of approximately 13,000 cars per day. The plaza has 340 parking spaces to accommodate shoppers and visitors.

Northeast Keyston Properties leases space on an "as is" or with financed fit-out improvements that include:

  • Architectural design and engineering services
  • Building permits, construction coordination
  • On-going building operations and maintenance services

Give Wellsboro Plaza a call and learn more about our current vacancies and future openings: 570-724-8032. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Plaza Development History

Northeast Keystone Properties (NEKP) purchased the Wellsboro Plaza in December 2007. The property consisted of 9.75 acres and a 40-year-old 96,400 sq. ft.  shopping center. At the time of purchase, the Plaza had a wide mix of tenants, ranging from small businesses to take-out restaurants.

NEKP recognized a need in the market and set its goal to transform the existing retail based plaza into a rejuvenated medical and professional arts multi-tenant facility. 

Focusing on this goal in the midst of a national economic downturn, NEKP realized the Plaza required a major makeover to attract the type of tenants needed to make the transition.  In February 2008, renovations began with an entirely new pedestrian canopy facade upgrade, and a 5,600 sq. ft. addition to create space for two new tenants:  One Main Financial and Concern Professional Services.  This $1.0 million multi-project investment increased the Plaza to more than 102,000 gross square feet.

The next transitional opportunity came in 2010 when Guthrie Healthcare Systems purchased 34,000 sq. ft. of under utilized and vacant retail space in the Plaza's south building and developed a state-of-the-art, full service medical clinic - investing more than $4.7 million in the property.

With Guthrie's commitment to the Plaza, NEKP invested more than $650,000, sub-dividing the remaining portion of the south building including new utility systems, renovating the public entry, hallway and lavatories, and adding 100 new parking stalls and other site-wide amenities.

With these improvements, the Plaza acquired two new medical related tenants in 2013: 

  • US Renal Care, a national dialysis treatment provider, secured a long-term triple-net lease for 7,000 sq. ft. and invested more than $1 million to create a regional state-of-the-art 12-station dialysis center.
  • Miracle Ear, a national auditory testing and retail center, also signed a long term triple-net lease, moved from downtown Wellsboro and invested more than $100,000 in the space to better serve its growing north central PA customer base.

In 2014 NEKP invested more than $200,000 in reconfiguring and upgrading interior space, finishes and utilities in the Plaza's west building to meet the changing needs of current tenants: 

  • USDA
  • Tioga County Conservation District Office
  • Experience Works
  • CareerLink Employment Center
  •  Long Engineering

Along with adding new tenants and helping grow existing ones, NEKP continues to update and renew long-term triple-net and gross leases with other existing tenants:

  • One Main Financial
  • Concern
  • PennDOT Photo ID Center
  • PA Dept of Health
  • Area Agency on Aging
  • CRI
  • Rotech/CPO2 Medical Supplies
  • Smokin Joe's, Tobacco Emporium
  • Guthrie Medical Depot

NEKP employs a full time property manager and maintenance supervisor to maintain a first class property for all 23 current and future tenants.

NEKP continues to invest and upgrade the Plaza completing recent projects such as:

  • Parking lot improvements including reconfigured and expanded parking, lighting and pedestrian amenities.
  • Upgrading the existing entry pylon sign with new individual tenant signage, lighting and painting
  • Continued upgrading of interior and exterior lighting throughout plaza to energy efficient LED fixtures

Future projects:

  • Replacing more than 28,200 sf of thermoplastic vinyl membrane roof systems
  • Upgrading storm water systems
  • Repairing and maintaining the asphalt parking and cart way surfaces
  • Renovating common area hallways with new finishes, signage and lighting

Member of the Wellsboro Chamber of Commerce

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120 Plaza Lane, Wellsboro PA 16901